Before you begin

It’s important that you’re aware of the following information:

  • Before you apply, you need to attempt to resolve the dispute directly with the other party. This will depend on your circumstances, however you should clearly state your concerns (preferably in writing), and give the other party reasonable opportunity to respond.
  • It’s important that you’re aware our service is governed by legislation, and therefore all parties must comply with the outcome, whether that is reached by agreement or order.
  • There are consequences for any party who does not comply.
  • Submitting your application indicates that you are ready to commence DBDRV's dispute resolution process.
  • Once your application is accepted, if you would like to withdraw there is a formal notification process, and withdrawal is granted at the discretion of the Chief Dispute Resolution Officer.

For more information, view our Dispute resolution process page.


All questions must be answered, unless marked "(optional)".